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About Oxygen Land is a piece of online “Land” where environmentalists, allergy sufferers, fresh air breathers and like-minded people gathered to help each other to improve air quality in their homes or the environment around them.


1) By doing Thorough Research, Investigation, Testing and mostly Excluding of On-line Assumptions on Working Products, Methods, and Topics.

You gotta love these marketers.

Yup that’s right, some of the methods and products you’ve found online about air purifying might do more harm than good!


2) By personal experience, or profession…

We like solving the World’s Air Pollution problems,

Improve Air Quality at our or your Home,


Do a review or even help you pick the best methods, plants, products for purifying, humidifying, filtering the air at your home or environment.

Tips, tricks, life-hacks, and guides.

Answers and questions.

We love to help.

The best part;

You can help too! You are most welcomed.

Our Primary Goals & Mission

Improving the Air you Breathe

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, than you are wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other people’s lives better.” Will Smith

About Alex and Oxygen Land

My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex.

I am not your typical allergy sufferer. But dust mites, smoke, bad air quality, air pollution really makes me get out of my skin

Those who can sympathize with me, know how its like. And we are often misunderstood or not taken very seriously.


Always trying to find and research methods, Plants or products like Air Purifiers to get better.

I created Oxygen Land to help people, and it turns out that it has even small chance to help the world. But i’ll take it.

Other than that I am…

Inventor and Humanitarian. Environmentalist and Bonsai Caretaker

No, those aren’t just words used in a sentence. I just don’t want to brag and tell you the story behind it.

Well except the bonsai, I love my bonsai. I can brag all day about them 🙂

Get In Touch with us.

We love making friends. Either you are reader or an expert on air quality, we would love to hear from you!