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Best Air Purifiers for Home Office

Best Air Purifiers for Home Office

BLUEAIR Air Purifiers

4.6 out of 5 stars

8,917 ratings

Highlight: 6–9 month filter tracking technology are customizable features

BLUEAIR Air Purifiers

Helpful review:

Good Stuff

We have two of these, now. The new one is in my office with cherry furniture. The wife bought a nice enough unit at Target, but the weekly dusting exercise diminished not. When I saw the Blue Air on a deep discount, I ordered one. Not only is it quieter (per dB meter), but there’s significantly less dust. Hopefully, it will perform as well and as long as our other unit, which has been rock solid in continuous use for several years. With the older unit, it was many months before it signaled a filter change. New filters are cheap, and the knock-off brand we use seems to work well.

That’s not to say there’s no bats in this belfry. First, with a cloth cover of the corrugated filter, it is a little delicate. You pick it up by the cloth cover, and risk damaging the filter. I try to pick it up by the white plastic top, and usually manage to rotate it 1/16 of a turn, releasing the filter assembly to tumble across the floor, releasing the accumulated dust. It does tend to teach the careless to care.

Changing filters isn’t the easiest, as it generally takes two of us to pull the cloth pre-filter over the HEPA filter without creasing the fins. And, after an episode you will certainly only do once in your life, never decide to sterilize the cloth cover by washing it in hot water followed by a hot dryer. You’d think I would have learned my lesson the time I did that to my expensive cashmere sweater, turning it into a garment for my toddler. Did I forget to mention? Wash the cloth pre-filter under a cold tap, and allow it to air dry.

Final observation. The first Blue Air came with a blue filter. This one is black, with a spare blue. Perfect, as I needed an extra cover to replace the one I cashmered. I like the black better. As it accumulates dust, it turns into an attractive mottled gray. The blue one doesn’t look so good as it accumulates dust, with ugly streaks where the dog wiped his nose (we’ve learned to keep the air cleaner in a corner to keep it upright).

However, the ugliness that the blue one becomes may be a blessing as it encourages more frequent cleaning. As I vacuum the house, I see it needs cleaning so I’ll take an upholstery attachment to it. Shortly, there’s a screech, and I’ll find myself vacuuming it outside. Being cylindrical with a cloth cover over paper fins, it’s not the easiest thing to vacuum, and nothing but washing seems to help the dog snot problem. But I suppose there’s worse things the dog could wipe on it.

The down sides are pretty inconsequential to me. OK, I need to learn to be delicate with something for once. The important things are it makes it easier to breathe. The house is easier to clean. And it seems to work, day after day for years, without making a lot of noise, smoke, or requiring a carpet cleaner who specializes in blue goo. As well, at least the dog doesn’t wipe his nose on the expensive drapes.


Trending Review:

You’ll breathe cleaner air with this unit.

12/1/20 I have to say, these units have been AWESOME, still going strong! I would actually love to have another one. The dust in my house has definitely been minimized and my house always smells fresh. These units are constantly circulating the air, pulling in air and blowing out filtered air. I would highly recommend this unit. I also have the filters auto delivered every three months.

1/9/20 Figured it out! The machine has to know a new filter has been installed so you must reset it, after the filter is changed, you hold down the button on top for 10 seconds and it will clear.

1/8/20 Update: Love these units run them 24/7 with no issues, they REALLY DO clean the air, changing out gray stretch filter regularly. The red light came on meaning time to change the white corregated filter. I changed it and the red light has not turned to blue? Have changed this filter before with no issues? Not sure what happening. pics included.

I had been searching for sometime for a nice air purifier, did a lot of investigating and reading. I even googled best air purifiers in 2018 and this model was listed in the top 3. I did more reading of reviews and decided to give it try.

I purchased 2 of these units (411), they arrived on January 9, 2019 and we soon put them work cleaning the air. I have attached a picture of them on the first day, will report back after filters begin to show use. There are three speeds, right now, being new they run as expected. Easy operation, touch button on top once for low, twice for medium, three for high. Low and medium are not loud at all. High is a little noticeable but would be better run during the day versus at night, unless you like noise to sleep.

The next day after running them, I did notice when entering my house a nice clean smell, no odors. I am thinking about purchasing a third unit for our garage. With the smaller unit is is nice because they are very light weight and easy to move from room to room. One thing I noticed. I put one unit in my office area for the day and there was dust on the top portion of my desk shelving and that dust is almost gone. So far so good, I am impressed. Will report back.

February – One month in and the filters do not seem to be dirty? The stretchy filter on the outside of the units collect quite a bit of dust and need to be wash regularly, but I am not seeing that anything is being drawn into the big filter? Will report back.

The Nelson’s
BLUEAIR Customer Review

Reassuring review:

Perfect small size for a bedroom or office

We have a larger air purifier in our living room and needed something small that could go into our office area. Wherever we are, our 3 dogs follow. With the room being smaller, the air can sometimes get a bit stuffy and dog smelling.

The blue pure came and it was plug in ready right out of the box. The pre-filter is just a cover that goes around the outside of the unit. Can take that off and hand wash it. With the pollen so high here in GA, I will be doing that on a weekly basis. I’m sure keeping the pre-filter cleaner will help keep the inner filter from getting dirty faster.

I swear, after about 30 minutes I left the room to get something to drink. I walked back in and noticed a huge difference. No musty smell. No dog odor. And the 3 of them were laying right in the room in their beds.

I had it on the low setting. Was nice that it didn’t have any sounds coming from it at all. Even on medium it was still nice and quiet. On high we could hear it but it wasn’t an irritating sound. Because the room is smaller, we only need to keep it set on low.

Very pleased on how fast and how well this little purifier works. Can have it in the corner of the room and forget that it’s even there.

The replacement filter is only like $20. So, spending about $40 a year to have clean and fresher air to breath when I’m working is well worth it.

It’s nice to finally have this room match the air quality of the rest of our home. For the 6-7 hours I sometimes spend in here, it really makes a big difference.


Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

4.7 out of 5 stars

36,304 ratings

Highlight: 3 Stage cleaning and Smart Sensor

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Helpful review:

Pretty happy with this thing, overall. The first question on everyone’s mind is, do these things actually do anything? The answer is absolutely yes, this thing has a real charcoal and real HEPA filter, which are absolutely scientifically proven to remove particles from your air. I purchased 2 of these, one for my downstairs living room and one for my upstairs office / bedroom and I have noticed a drastic improvement in the amount of coughing / sneezing I do.

Just to make sure it wasn’t psychosomatic, I purchased a respectable air quality tester and measured the air before and after leaving the units off for a day. The results are clear, there is a large reduction in VOC and particulate levels (not that it was dangerous before, it was just causing me discomfort due to allergies).

I cannot fully speak to the “plasmawave” technology as I have no great way to test this. For those stating it’s dangerous and produces ozone that creates chemical reactions and toxic gas, well, I left the plasmawave on with the unit on full blast and I didn’t notice any issues. I cooked, cleaned, exercised, and I noticed no difference. These things are California CARB certified, which from my understanding has the strictest regulations in the states, and if anything that means the worst case scenario is that it simply doesn’t produce much ozone/voc removal at all.

Either way, I do not think it will hurt you, but please consult your doctor before using the feature if you are concerned. I do wish the plasmawave did not default to on when the unit is plugged back in, as this means should you lose and regain power in the middle of the night, you will awake to it being enabled. Not a big deal as it doesn’t bother me, but I think others should know this.

Winix 5300-2 Review

Reassuring review:

This actually works!!

Very impressive appliance. I purchased the Winix 5500-2, after doing a bit of research. I wanted an air purifier, but did not think I “needed” one. Boy, was I wrong. After it was delivered, I ran it for a few days and wanted to know, for sure, this thing actually worked. I purchased a little PM 2.5 meter, that not only allows me to see how much particulate matter was in the air, but also the smaller PM particulates to down to .3um/L. I was amazed at how much was floating around in the air, and what I was breathing.

On average, the PM 2.5um/0.1L barely showed anything. I see anywhere from 2 to 5 ug/m3 on the meter at any given time. Smaller particulates, there were many more of. For instance, particulates in the .3um/0.1L range was constantly over 500, and the particulates in the .5um/0.1L was usually half that. I was completely blown away at how “dirty” our air was.

OK, now the test. Can the Winix 5500-2 clean the air.

Closed up the room, turned the Winix 5500-2 on full blast and let it do its thing. Within just minutes, I can watch (in real time) the numbers drop for the smallest (.3 micron) particulates go from over 500 down to 250, down to 100, and then bottom out at around 20 or so.

For .5 microns, those will hover around 5 or so, and for 1.0 micron, it was usually only 1

Nothing registered for 2.5 microns, unless I made lots of dust deliberately.

So, YES!!! This actually works!!

Remember to watch your carbon dioxide (Co2 numbers) in a closed up room. Air purifiers do not clean Co2

Things that’s can be a negative for many folks…

It’s loud on full speed. I’m OK with this myself, as it pushes out 250 CFM.

It only has a “sniff” meter, and not an actual PM 2.5 meter. The color bar will only change, if it detects any VOC (volatile organic compound) in the air.

Color bar can not be turned off, unless in sleep mode only. Sleep mode is the lowest fan setting, and can not be adjusted. It is whisper quiet, but air purifying is very low.

Plasma-wave feature can only be turned off from the unit, not with he remote.

For the price, its outstanding filtering performance, and its not bad looking, I give this unit a A+.

Made in South Korea (NOT CHINA)


I decided to purchase another one. I will update if my opinion changes.

Winix, if you plan to update this model (5500-3), things that should be considered.

Make a Wi-Fi version of this unit.

Keep the VOC sensor, but add a particular sensor.

Plasma-wave needs to be off by default. Let the “user” decide if they want this on or off.

Add the ability to install a 4th filter as an “optional feature”, not just a pet/hair filter

Sleep mode fan should be higher.

All lights on the unit should dim in dark rooms or give the “user” the ability to turn them off (not just in sleep mode).

Richard Gross
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Review

Valuable Review:

I can use my office again!

I purchased this air purifier for my home office, which was recently added when we finished our basement. My office shares a wall with our small home gym, and in the home gym we installed some recycled rubber flooring (no adhesive, just laid it in tight against the walls). Prior to the rubber flooring being installed, I could use my office just fine; after the installation of the gym floor, sitting in my office caused my sinuses to drain and my throat to close up.

We tried cheaper air purifiers, and even just fans in the windows of both rooms + closing the door between the rooms w/a towel under it, college style, but I could still only spend about 20 minutes in my beautiful new office before I felt like I might die. Not only was this a huge bummer, but it didn’t result in much work being done (about 80% of my job is done from home).

When I put this air purifier in my office — sitting near the shared gym/office wall — I noticed a slight difference after running it on high for about an hour. I left it on high all night and when I went into my office the following day, the difference was DRAMATIC. Where before the air had a heavy, chemical feeling to it — like it was thick and hard to breathe in — now the air felt crisper, lighter, and so clean. This little gadget has literally saved me. I don’t know what I would have done without it!!!

I also purchased two of the next model up, placing one in our basement family room and one in the kitchen upstairs. My husband brews beer in the basement bar, and it stinks to high heaven during the process. We also have two cats whose litter box is in our basement bathroom, and I SWEAR I can smell it whenever I walk down the stairs.

Hubby brewed beer this past weekend, and I ran the air purifiers on turbo all day, and by evening you’d have never known what he’d been up to (usually I can smell hops for a week after he brews *gag*). The litter box smell has also disappeared, which is some kind of divine miracle, in my opinion.

As a huge bonus, the only time you can really hear these machines is if they’re on high or turbo (turbo is REALLY loud, but also not necessary most of the time). On the Auto setting, they’re whisper quiet, to the point that I was constantly checking to make sure they were on. I have seen them adjust settings and indicate the air quality had changed, so I know they’re working.

Highly recommend these purifiers; they’re the best!


Reassuring review:

Air Purifier with Impressive Performance

I recently purchased an air purifier, and I must admit that I had my doubts at the time of purchase. This skepticism stemmed from my previous experiences with air purifiers from various companies, which had left me less than satisfied. However, after using this new air purifier, my doubts have completely vanished, and I am convinced that it was an excellent choice.

One of the standout features of this air purifier is its remarkable performance. The most impressive aspect, in my opinion, is the significantly reduced noise compared to the amount of air it circulates. Unlike my previous purchases, where the noise level was a constant annoyance, this air purifier operates quietly without compromising its ability to purify the air effectively. This makes it ideal for use in any setting, whether it’s your bedroom, office, or living room.

Overall, I am more than satisfied with my purchase of this air purifier. It has surpassed my expectations and proved to be a reliable and efficient device for improving indoor air quality. If you have been skeptical about air purifiers like I was, I highly recommend giving this one a try. Not only does it deliver on its promises, but it also offers a quieter experience and exceptional air flow. Letting people know about the quality and effectiveness of this product is important to me because it truly is a worthwhile investment.


LEVOIT Core 300S/Core 300S-P Air Purifiers

4.7 out of 5 stars

94,316 ratings

Highlight: Alexa or Google Assistant to control the air purifier

LEVOIT Core 300S/Core 300S-P Air Purifiers

Reassuring review:

It really works – with measurements justified

I am relatively experienced with air-purifiers and used so far 4 different brands during my life, including Levoit.

I always chose devices from the mid-high quality and performance range.

To tell the truth, for me Levoit’s products are so far the best ones – even compared to brands calling them premium.

I am an owner of a Levoit LV-H132 and recently purchased the Core 300. Actually I wanted first another unit into my office, but after receiving annd realizing how efficient is the Core 300, I ordered another 2 one (1 into the bedroom and 1 into the child’s room).

Allow me not to go into the appearance and other non-significant issues (yes, it is silent in the night mode, I can sleep next to it and it is robust and simply nice at the same time). Allow me touch the essence.

The Core 300 is an amazing air purifier because 1.) it has a big air-intake surface compared to its size 2.) it has a strong fan capable of moving the air in the room (and silent in night mode) 3.) it has a top-quality hepa filter. For me these are the decisive factors when considering an air purifier’s quality (I do not care about automode and other shiny details – if the 3 ones are missing from a device, you inhale bad quality air in the end).

I measured the performance of the Core 300 with a Temtop LKC-1000S device (ordered from Amazon). Room size: 20m2. Starting values: PM2.5: 5.2 ug/m3, PM10: 8.2 ug/m3, No. of particles: 1,024 (per/L). After 1 hour full speed operation, in closed room the values: PM2.5: 0.3 ug/m3, PM10: 0.8 ug/m3, No. of particles: 99 (per/L). Amazingly low values – none of the other devices, brands managed to get the air quality to such a good level.

Certainly if you switch to lower performance, the same air quality cannot be maintained but this is a natural thing.

I get up with a much clearer nose in the morning.

I had no „plastic smell” issue although I ordered 3 separate untis.

A minor negative issue but to be objective: one of the devices is slightly vibrating and issuing due to this a slightly unpleasant sound. The device went through a security check at the airport – maybe this is the reason.

Summarized: Efficient, it works, (our health) worths the money

LEVOIT Core 300S/Core 300S-P Review

Trending Review:

Compact, quiet, and AMAZING!

I got this for my home office which is used for work and hobbies. Hobbies include 3D printing (FDM & Resin) along with Laser Engraving (50w CO2). While my laser and resin 3D printer have good built-in filtration, they are not perfect. I was getting lingering smells after using them which I knew was not healthy nor pleasant. Got this yesterday and with about 5-10 minutes, my office smelled like it should.

I keep it on auto mode so it works harder when necessary, like when I’m laser engraving, painting, or pouring resin, etc. The phone app tells me how nasty the air is and I can watch it increase fan speed to deal with that. In a few minutes the numbers get better and the air smells better.

For the price, I’m impressed and amazed. I easily get migraines from environmental conditions and my hobbies have been making that a struggle. So far, this has been a huge help. I plan on upgrading the filter when the current one needs to be replaced. Probably not necessary but want to try it out and see if it’s actually any better or not. In my personal opinion, this attractive and compact air purifier is absolutely amazing and worth every cent (or should I say “scent”)

Troy Wilson

Helpful Review:

Great little purifier!

Overall it’s a good purifier. I’ve had it 8 months in my home office and it keeps the air fresh and clean. I cleaned off the pre-filter after 6 months of use with a vacuum 2 months ago and reset it. Worked great for that two months. I tried cleaning it again but I think the other filters were too dirty to keep cleaning the air, so I replaced it today with a fresh filter. Looks like it’s working well again.

I have a newly built home with a high efficiency furnace and high quality filter. It does a good job keeping dust and allergens down. This little guy just picks up the small amount of leftovers in the air. So I really don’t need to replace my filter as often as others do. (I bought a genuine filter replacement but I’m going to try an off brand next time.) It really does a good job keeping my office air clean and fresh.

I don’t care for the Vsync app. I use it for other smart home devices but wish I didn’t have to. It just seems like it’s more focused on providing a shopping experience than a smart home app. It does the job though. I have it setup on a schedule to turn on every morning an hour before I get into the office and turn off an hour after I leave. I run it next to my desk on low and it’s pretty quiet.

Medium isn’t too bad but high is too noisy. I have it run on medium before and after I leave my office to move more air, then low while I’m in the office. This is all automated via the app. The unit looks nice in my office too. It doesn’t stand out or draw attention to itself by looking weird. I’ve avoided other brands (Coway) because they just look unusual. I’ve not had any technical issues or malfunctions. It’s worked as described. Again, it’s a pretty good little air purifier. I’d highly recommend it.

D. Engel
LEVOIT Core 300S/Core 300S-P Air Purifiers Review

Reassuring review:

A godsend for pet allergies!
There’s a reason this is so highly rated! It does WONDERS for pet allergies when paired with the yellow filter (which is sold separately). Here’s my detailed review. If any of this sounds like your situation, don’t hesitate to get this!!

My partner is allergic to all dogs – their dander, fur, and saliva all set him off – and he has seasonal/household allergies along with bad asthma. But, we love dogs and recently rescued a cattle dog mix. We have carpet in our bedroom and her fur gets everywhere. For the first week with our dog and without this air purifier, my partner was extremely itchy and woke up several times a night nearing asthma attacks due to allergies.

He’d go sleep in the open living room (with hard floors) to breathe better. Then we bought the Levoit Core 300, paired with the yellow pet allergy filter. He has had zero issues with his allergies at night since it arrived. Our pup will still lick him and her fur still gets everywhere, but along with vacuuming regularly and trying to keep our bed covered with a sheet during the day so dog fur isn’t all in the bed, this purifier has made it possible for him to sleep well and not experience any allergy-induced asthma attacks. It’s truly amazing.

We’ve only had it for a couple of nights but I feel confident in writing a review this early because the results are already so obvious. In addition to my partner’s allergies, our apartment seems very dusty within a matter of days after dusting/vacuuming (I’m fairly sure our HVAC system is filthy despite having the ducts “cleaned” by a company our complex hired earlier this year) and the air that comes out of our vents has a somewhat unclean odor.

We also live in south Florida, so opening windows to get fresh air isn’t possible except on the rare days when humidity is minimal. The air in our bedroom truly feels cleaner and it doesn’t smell weird like it used to as soon as the AC starts blowing from the vents. I’m also convinced the purifier has helped reduce the odor from my partner’s stinky work socks/shoes (they’re sinful lol).

This purifier has made life so much better for us! We are going to buy the 400S for the larger open living/dining/office area of our apartment. Our place is around 770 square feet with the bedroom and kitchen both completely isolated, so having the core 300 for the bedroom and a 400S for the rest of the place should work well for us. If you suffer from pet allergies this will probably do wonders for you like it has for us!!! REMINDER: the pet allergy filter is sold separately.

Oh, and I don’t find this to be loud at all. If anything it’s soothing while we sleep. Our 1.5 year old Lasko tower fan and central HVAC system are both louder than this. I also LOVE that you can shut the display lights off at night. We haven’t tried sleep mode or the timer because we just keep it on level 3 all night.

I shut it off during the day unless we’re in the room, at which point we put it on a lower setting. We haven’t tried the regular filter that came with the purifier, only because we know we specifically need something for pet allergies.

My one and only complaint has nothing to do with the product’s functionality or anything like that: it’s simply that it would be nice if buyers could choose their filter type when purchasing the purifier instead of having the regular one come with it by default – I feel wasteful after receiving the regular one that we probably will never use. But, if a replacement pet filter is not available right away it will be handy to use the regular one temporarily.


AROEVE Air Purifiers

4.6 out of 5 stars

24,839 ratings | 373 answered questions

Highlight: Air purifier refreshes the air per hour in rooms up to 215 ft² / 20 m²

AROEVE Air Purifiers

Trending Review:

This purifer simply makes a HUGE difference!

I really like this air purifier. We’ve had it for about a month now and it has made such a difference in our home. The air smells so much fresher and cleaner, and we don’t have nearly as many dust particles floating around. It’s also very quiet, which was important to me since I didn’t want something that would be disruptive at night when we’re trying to sleep.

A good air purifier needs to have a high circulation rate in order to be effective and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint with its 5x per hour rating.

This air purifier is practically silent when it’s running, which makes it perfect for use in a bedroom or office. The low decibel operation also means that you won’t even know it’s there – until you notice the improved air quality, of course. The H13 HEPA filter in this air purifier is what makes it so effective at cleaning the air. It’s able to remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger, which includes smoke, pollen, dander, and hair.

The filter is also able to absorb odors so that your home smells fresh and clean.

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and fully endorse it with 5-stars.

Mateen Hatefi
AROEVE Air Purifiers Review

Reassuring review:

Solid Purchase

My individual office is about 200 sq feet. Our entire office (much larger than 200 sq feet) recently underwent remodeling. This included knocking down walls, putting up new dry wall, painting and new carpet. We practically work in a vault where the air flow is minimal and windows don’t open. So, I’m sure you can imagine how bad all of the dust was when all was said and done…

I bought this to keep the air quality in my individual office clean because the air quality in the entire office was garbage after all that remodeling. This little air purifier kept my lungs healthy and air in my office clean while others in the office were getting ill from the bad air (let’s just say our corporate HR is trash and didn’t care about its employees or their health…even after multiple requests to get the vents cleaned following construction). So, short of it is, for the price, this is well worth the investment and it lives up to what it purports to be able to do.

Would recommend this product!


Helpful review:


I am very happy with this air purifier. I am allergic to carpet and I have one in my room and it helps a lot. However, in my office I have carpet and I have been having strong allergies lately. I got this in hopes it will help and not be so loud as the one in my room can be and all I can say is I LOVE it. It’s not too big, it does have to be about 15 inches away from the wall. It does have an oil essential pad which is beyond easy to replace.

The filter goes under the machine and can be set on 3 different timers. 6, 12, 24 hours and has 3 light options making it VERY beautiful to look at, which is rare for me to like white for most of my electronics are black or silver. The light is on the top and middle sections of the cylinder.

Also, it is VERY quiet when on sleep and can barely be heard. But does have 2 other options I just prefer having it constantly on the sleep mode. I have had it for about a week and definitely recommend this since my allergies have been slowly improving and it smells very nice with the essential oils. Thank you!

AROEVE Air Purifiers Review

Trending Review:

Great Product! Impressed!

We’ve never had air purifiers before so we were leery about it all. I must say I’m impressed with these. I was worried they might not be big enough? We bought 3 of them. One for living-room, master bedroom and home office. We’ve always had big issues with dust! Not now! I was running the Swiffer dry mop over our vinyl planking and tile floors daily and would get a ton of dust each day. Now I’m hardly seeing any. Shelves, end tables and such show virtually no signs of dust after running these several days.

We’ve been running them on the middle fan setting so no noise issues at all. These will save us a ton of time cleaning and dusting. HUGE difference and highly recommend these. We’re still amazed at the difference these have made and our air is so much cleaner.

Tony C.

HATHASPACE HSP001 Air Purifiers

4.6 out of 5 stars

17,574 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Highlight: H13 HEPA filters over 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

Hatchspace HSP001 Air Purifiers

Helpful Review:


After a few months of use of the replacement we received I am happy to report that the Hathaspace Air Purifier is working well and doing a great job of cleaning the air in my home office. Any and all previous complaints on my part are null and void and I can say with confidence that this is the best air purifier available, as I have tried quite a few others. I am now giving it the 5 stars it deserves.

Revision, June 27, 2018

We received a replacement as soon as the Hathaspace purifier was back in stock. I have upped the review to 3 stars due to their stellar customer service. They were constantly in touch with me keeping informed about the replacement and they paid for the return of the broken one. Sometimes a product is defective through no fault of the seller, but the seller has the responsibility to make it right and in this case Hathaspace did just that. I will add that of four different air purifiers we have owned, priced from $99 to $200, the Hathaspace is by far the best of all. Hopefully the replacement will last a long, long time. I will revise this review again later once we know how the replacement is going to hold up and work as it is supposed to.

Revision, June 10, 2018

I want to comment on the Hathaspace customer service. After writing the above review they immediately reached out to me and offered a refund or product replacement. Since the Hathaspace was the best of (now) three other air purifiers that we have tried we really were disappointed that it failed so soon after purchasing. When it was working properly it was doing an excellent job of cleaning the air and making it smell and feel fresher.

However, as I mentioned above it did have a plasticky smell initially that seemed to decrease as time went by and when it failed that plasticky odor came back many times more noticeable. It’s unfortunate that these products aren’t made of BPA free plastics.

Due to their excellent customer service I am upping the review to two stars, only because I feel that reviews should be more about product than customer service, although customer service is certainly an important aspect. But, the best customer service cannot make up for a faulty product.

If and when Hathaspace sends us a replacement I will report back on the progress of the new product and give it a fair and honest second review. I sincerely hope that the original one we bought is a just a rare manufacturing defect because overall it is a great product when it is working properly.

Guy Dagar
HATHASPACE HSP001 Air Purifiers Review

Trending Review:

TLDR: If you have the means to buy this, and you are considering buying it. Absolutely go for it.

For people wondering about noise, at the lowest setting it was at 45dB which is quieter than my keyboard which at the same distance was around 70 dB
Medium setting from 7 inches is 50dB and high around 57dB
For air impurities detection I used Febreze as a stand-in. Spraying for 5 seconds 10 feet away it took the purifier about 13 seconds for it to bring the speed up to medium, and 2 seconds after that it ramped up to high.

My wife and I bought this to keep in our room. I suffer from terrible allergies, which causes frequent migraines. We were skeptical about just how affective this would be for us, due to the price and the defined square feet. After about a month of use I can confidently say this is one of the best air purifiers I have ever used.

The compact size of it makes it very convenient to be stored under our desks for as little intrusion as possible. This purifier has made a world a difference for me, helping with my allergies immensely. We also have two cats and a dog and I have noticed that the room doesn’t have a stale animal smell.

Now about that smoke demo. My wife was going to make something in the oven about a week ago, and we had a pizza box from lunch sitting in the oven(ya know, to keep it warm) and she turned the oven up to 450F. I smelled it before I saw it. The pizza box had caught on fire and smoke began to fill the room. I got the pizza box out but the smoke was still a problem. I took the purifier and set it on the counter in the kitchen to try to get some of that smoke taken care of. It took 3 minutes for all the smoke to be gone. I thought the video was a gimmick at first, but damn that was very impressive.

Hatchspace HSP001 Air Purifiers

Reassuring review:

REVISED MARCH 15, 2020 – I took a chance on this air purifier based on comments. However, I never heard of the company. Immediately upon receipt I plugged it in. I too thought that it wasn’t doing much however 13 months later, I realize that have I spent significantly less time in Urgent Care and in my pulmonologist office. This unit relieves my chronic allergy, asthma, COPD symptoms and I know that it’s because of this unit. I cough less, and sneeze less, and am less dependent on Albuterol. When my husband burned something on the stove, the unit immediately kicked in and purified the air. If you spray a fragrance, release gas, it detects it and the fans speed up and the air is purified.

I find sensors are amazing in detecting air levels.

I keep it in my bedroom (except when Mr burns stuff) on a timer and am very pleased with the unit and the additional filters that I bought on Amazon for future use. It’s important to change filters and a gentle wipe down the internal fan area between filter changes for optimal use. I have such confidence in it, that I’m buying 2 additional units for my adult kids.

Skeptics should note that a home based air purifier will not completely rid your home/apt of odors but will decrease some odors. This unit is beneficial throughout the house. Very lightweight that enables me to bring it downstairs for a few hours if needed or frying fish. It’s set to Anon/Purify and does it’s thing.