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Air Purifier VS Plants

The Air Purifier VS Plants Debate.

Each with its own Benefits and Drawbacks.

Should you Clean the Plants from your home, or Cut the power on your Air Cleaner?

Or maybe combine their Superpowers?

Air Purifier VS Plants Comparison Table

Now let’s take a closer look at the Air Purifier vs Plants comparison Table and explore their alternatives

air purifier vs plants table


The Air Purifier contrasts Plants.


Because They Produce Oxygen and even increase humidity.

But they also can purify the Air at a much slower rate.

All this means they can Improve Indoor Air Quality

How do Houseplants Clean the Air?

It is all based on the 1989 NASA Clean Air study:

Plants remove pollutants from Air by trapping them in their leaves. But also in the Soil and roots.

The Study also tells us which Houseplants are the best Air Cleaners.


It was designed to test air purification for the space station.

Check out this short explainer video made by Quartz.

Plants Also Produce Oxygen. Which means if you live in a very polluted city, and can’t open a window often to get some fresh air. Plants should be your choice.


You gonna need plenty of Plants to make a big impact.

Bottom Line:

Any amount of Oxygen, Humidity and other Benefits from plants(increased productivity) are welcomed.

Air Purifier

The Air Cleaner can purify the Air faster,

It can be more effective for some unwanted contaminants.


They require electricity and can be expensive.

Keep in mind that you need to change their filters 1-2 times a year. Which add to the cost. However, they can help you faster if you have allergies.

How do Air Purifiers Clean the Air?

It all leads down to three steps:

Step One: The Polluted Air goes in the Air Purifier by using some kind of ventilation system.

Step Two: The Air Purifier Cleans the Air Through filters like HEPA, or other types of filters

Step Three: Filtered Air goes back to the Room.

Have a Look at the Purifying Process and effectiveness of an Air purifier.

As you can see in the video the Air Purifier cleans the Polluted Air at a very fast rate.


It all depends on the Air Purifier that you have, and its Clean Air Delivery Rating.

Plants and Air Purifier.

The Air Purifier Vs Plants Alternative.

This may be the smartest choice for improving indoor air quality.

I cannot stress enough how much better is this combination for a person like me with allergies.

Yup, the Air purifier alone helps with symptoms relief.


The plants weren’t so much effective at cleaning the air. But they humidify it and produce oxygen.

Bottom line:

If you live in a polluted city, use Plants and Air purifier in combination.

Because they supplement each other.


You may have your own reasons for choosing either an Air Purifier or plants for your home or office.

The Air Purifier needs less care, filters the air faster, but its more expensive

The Plants Produce Oxygen, they are cheaper, but they purify the air slower and require more care.

Just keep in mind that Air Purifier vs Plants alternative.